Installing a click system engineered wood floor

Tuscan wood FlooringEngineered Wood floors with the click system are one the most popular choices of wood flooring as they are very easy to install, and are suitable for use over any type of subfloor i.e. concrete, wood and even including underfloor heating.

Floating Installation

Click System Floating Installation is the most common fitting method. It is liked by both DIY and professional installers as it is quick and easy to do. It can be installed over any type of subfloor and it does not require any professional skills as the floor just clicks together with no need for any glue.

Which underlay should you use?

Over a concrete subfloor you will need to use an underlay with a moisture barrier. While over a wooden subfloor you can use the standard underlay without a moisture barrier. For installations over underfloor heating we recommend using our combi underlay with built in moisture barrier. (all underlay's can be bought on this website under the accessories sub menu)
Clicking the boards together
Each board has a click profile on all four sides. Just simply insert the tongue into the groove at an angle and then push the board down into the other board it may require a tap to finally lock into place (you can buy the installation kit on this website in the accessories range).

Expansion Gap

As with any wood floor you will need to leave an expansion gap, a 12mm expansion gap is required for laminate flooring around the perimeter of the room. To maintain this gap you will need to use spacers which are supplied in our installation kits.
After you have installed the floor you can cover this expansion gap either with scotia or new skirting boards. The 12mm expansion gap also needs to be left in doorways where the floor follows through from one room to another.


When ordering your new floor we recommend you allow for some wastage due to cuts a professional fitter would add on an extra 2%-5% of flooring needed to finish a job. We recommend non professional fitter should add on 5% minimum


The above is just a helpful fitting guideline. Remember to always consult the installation instructions before fitting your new flooring.
Failure to adhere to manufacturers installation guidelines will invalidate your guarantee.


Inspect all materials carefully before installation. Wood is a natural product containing variations in colour, tone and graining. Some variation in colour is to be expected in a natural wood floor. Beautiful hardwood floors are a product of nature and therefore not perfect. These floors are manufactured in accordance with accepted industry standards, which permit a defect tolerance of 5%. It is the responsibility of the customer and installer to perform a final inspection prior to installation. Any warranties offered with this product do not cover materials with visible defects once the product is installed.
The area's temperature and humidity conditions must be measured prior to installation. Moisture levels should not exceed 12-14%. It is the responsibility of the owner-installer to determine if the sub-floor and area conditions are environmentally and structurally acceptable for wood floor installation. The installer-owner is responsible for wood failure resulting from or connected with sub-floor,deficiencies or using inadequate accessories after the hardwood flooring has been installed.